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Earn 10% to 36% Annual Returns

on Tax Lien Certificates

How Tax Lien Investing Works

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A Tax Lien Certificate is a first position lien on real estate due to delinquent property taxes. The term first position lien indicates that no other liens are superior to the first position lien.  Usually a home mortgage enjoys the first position. However property tax liens are even superior to a home mortgage regardless of the date that the mortgage was recorded.


 Once property taxes are delinquent, the county government places a lien on the property.   These liens are commonly referred to as a tax lien certificate.  In order to collect the delinquent taxes the county offers the property tax lien certificates for sale to investors.  Tax lien certificates pay fixed rates of returns of 10% - 36% interest per year depending on the state you’re investing with.

The term of your investment is determined by the redemption period given to the property owner.  Redemption periods are anywhere from six months to four years. The length of the redemption period varies by state and is set by statute.  The redemption period is a grace period given to the property owner in which they may pay-off / redeem the tax lien certificate and retain ownership of the property.


The property owner or other interested party can redeem the tax lien certificate on the property anytime during the redemption period right up to midnight on the last day.  In the event that the property owner does redeem the tax lien certificate the investor will receive their entire investment back plus the interest or penalty allowed by state statute.


If the property owner or other interested parties fail to redeem the tax lien certificate prior to the end of the redemption period the certificate holder may foreclose and take title to the property.  Because a tax lien certificate is a first position lien all other interested parties with the exception of government agencies forfeit their rights to the property.


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Our mentoring programs are tailored to each individuals needs.  Rich or Julie Putnam will personally mentor you.  We have been involved in real estate investing since 1981 when we purchased and resold our first property for a profit.  We first became aware of tax lien certificate investing in 1988.  We work in the property tax lien and deed industry on a daily basis.  We provide the most up to date information available anywhere...Click here to learn more


Why Tax Liens Are a Safe Low Risk Investment

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Tax Liens Certificate interest rates and or penalty's are dictated by state statute which means they are will not decrease or change regardless of market conditions.

Here is an example, taken from the Iowa state statutes:  Statute 447.1: A parcel sold under this chapter and chapter 446 may be redeemed at any time before the right of redemption expires, by payment to the county treasurer, to be held by the treasurer subject to the order of the purchaser, of the amount for which the parcel was sold, including the fee for the certificate of purchase, and interest of two percent per month, counting each fraction of a month as an entire month, from the month of sale, and the total amount paid by the purchaser or the purchaser's assignee for any subsequent year, with interest at the same rate added on the amount of the payment for each subsequent year from the month of payment, counting each fraction of a month as an entire month. The amount of interest must be at least one dollar and shall be rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Interest shall accrue on subsequent amounts from the month of payment by the certificate holder.

Tax lien certificate investments are secured by the property, similar to a mortgage, except a tax lien certificate takes priority over a mortgage.  Because property taxes are a small fraction of the value of the property (usually less than 2%), a tax lien certificate investment is secured by property with a value of at least $50 for each $1 invested in the tax lien.

I have never seen any other investment that offers that amount of security.  For example the stock market offers no security or guarantee on your return.  Your stock investment can go down to zero, of course it can increase as well but my point is there is an inherent risk in that type of investment. If you put your money in a bank they will pay you less than 2% on your money and if the bank fails the FDIC only pays you the amount you deposited and nothing on any gains regardless of how small they are.

Training Products

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Our products are designed to help the beginning tax lien investor have a productive and profitable experience from day one.  Each product contains our decades of in the field tax lien certificate and tax deed investing knowledge and experience and is created from a beginner’s prospective.  We will show you step by step how to avoid mistakes, manage risks and how to earn the highest possible returns.  These training materials are designed to let you learn at your own speed from true experts that have fantastic teaching skills...Click here to learn more


5 Reasons You Should Invest In Tax Liens

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  1. Tax Liens Certificate sales have been used as a means to collect delinquent property taxes for over 200 years.  They have the strongest track record of any modern investment medium period.
  2. Half of the states offer tax lien certificates for sale totaling into the billions of dollars. That means there is an opportunity for everyone that chooses to particiapte. Pricing on tax liens can be from a few dollars to over a million dollars so regardless of your fincancial situation you can find an affordable investment.
  3. The rate of return paid on your tax lien certificate is mandated by state statute and does not vary according to the ebs and flows of the market.
  4. Your investment is fully backed by real estate and you get to choose the tax lien you want  based on the quality of the real estate that is securing your investment.
  5. You can invest in tax liens from any state that you choose. You are not limited to what your own state is offering.  Many counties now conduct their anual tax lien sales on the Internet.  That means that you can invest from the comfort of your home or office, often at any hour you desire.

Proxy Services

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You don’t have to do this on your own, hire a proxy to find and make your investments.


Many new tax deed investors choose to hire proxies to do their bidding and due diligence.  A qualified proxy can do all of the work for you.  Because of their experience and expertise they are able to make your investment as risk free as possible. Typically a deed proxy charges expenses to travel to and from the sale upfront.  The rest of their fees are paid once the property is sold or leased...Click here to learn more