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RTP Management provides investment solutions for capital and equity investors looking to venture into real estate proxy investments, such as tax lien certificates,and tax deeds We employ an ideal combination of real estate expertise , as well as an exceptional analytics skills, specializing in lien-carrying assets to locate and execute successful lien and deed investments on behalf of our investors.


Our services include the following:


Investment Due Diligence

We provide the utmost transparency prior to venturing into a tax lien investment, executing due diligence research on both the tax lien and the property, itself:

  • Lien Validity
  • Property Assessment

Bid Price Calculation

We determine a minimum return percentage and/or a bid price premium for every market prior to the tax lien auction. We apply several factors to facilitate the best bid for the lien certificate


Risk Mitigation

We facilitate the mitigation of risks associated with tax lien investments, including

  • Inadequate due diligence
  • Flood zone hindrances
  • Volatile location
  • Physically unsalvageable property

Cash Management

RTP Management, provides a platform serving as both the custodian and the administrator for tax lien investments. We aim to minimize debt acquisition while maximizing investment opportunities yielding high returns.


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